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The Compelling Value of the 2017 Ford Explorer XLT

With the regular ability to swallow cargo whole, additional cargo capacity via roof rails, and an overall formidable demeanor, midsize SUVs like the 2017 Ford Explorer offer plenty. But when it comes to looking for the best value, that makes the choice a bit more difficult. Luckily, the Explorer XLT makes a solid case for itself on practically every level.

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What's All the Fuss About the 2017 Ford Fusion?

Might you be in the market for a midsize sedan? Well, if so, we here at Dean Arbour Ford Lincoln have a funny feeling you may well meet your match in ours, the 2017 Fusion.

And what makes us say that, you ask?

Here now to offer an explanation is AutoGuide.com Managing Editor Jodi Lai. Tag along with her in the clip below:

Served up standard with the S and SE trims, the Fusion's entry-level engine -- a 2.5-liter four-cylinder -- is exquisite.

Rated at a respectable 175 horsepower and 175 pound-feet of torque, the engine mates with a…

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Conquer the Roads with the 2017 Ford Super Duty!

Why is the 2017 Ford Super Duty a viable option when it comes to purchasing a powerful and reliable truck? Maybe you are considering your options, and you are also looking into the 2017 Ram 2500. What makes the rugged 2017 Ford Super Duty stand apart from the other truck is just how capable the truck truly is. The amount of towing capability that it possesses along with the amenities it offers to make towing effortless, makes the 2017 Ford Super Duty propel your travels forward.

The towing capability that the 2017 Ford Super Duty has, 18,600 pounds, will…

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2 Ideas to Prepare for a Road Trip

Taking a road trip is fun. Your family can have some time to share and make some lasting memories. Sometimes, though, things come up that need to be taken care of. Here are some tips to help that road trip you take, be the nest one yet.

Be Prepared
Before heading out onto the open road, you want to make sure you have checked the car out for issues. Those issues can get in the way if left unchecked. Go to a reputable mechanic and get the car looked at for safety. That way, you can get your family on…
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Don't Let Rust Ruin Your Vehicle

Keeping a clean car goes far beyond a great first impression. It will ensure that your vehicle will stay looking as good as the day you bought it. You plunk a lot of money into your vehicle, so you should keep it looking nice. All you need to do is keep up on those car washes (every two weeks is the rule of thumb) and make sure that you get it waxed every time that you get it washed. A wax coating on your vehicle will protect your paint job from abrasive dirt and debris that will eventually ruin your…
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How to Rotate Radial Tires

This is a pattern where both the axles are opposite one another. This is when they go to their opposing sides. There is something our shop does that is called a "straight rotation". All we do is replace your tires front to rear and rear to front. This type of tire rotation helps with the directional tread. Rotating your tires is very important. It helps to create an even balance. It also extends the life of your tires.

Some of our customers like to do this on their own. We suggest a different approach. We suggest you bring it into…
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Three books you should keep in your roadside emergency kit

The side of the road isn't exactly the best time to catch up on your reading. That said, there are a few books every roadside emergency kit should have.

The first is your car's owner's manual. This is a wealth of knowledge. From finding out your tire pressure spec to what grade oil to put in, your owner's manual should help you cover the basics. Next is the repair manual for your vehicle. While you're hoping not to have to work on your car on the side of the road, knowing how to replace a…
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Simple Tips to Raise Your Fuel Economy

If you are a driver looking to save money, then take a look at your fuel economy. The way that you drive greatly affects how often you need to put gas in your vehicle.

Quick starts hurt your fuel economy by up to 50 percent in city driving. Therefore, avoid the temptation to start quickly after being stopped at a red light.

While you will want to make sure that your brakes are in great working order, using them as little as possible allows you to save money at the gas station.

If you drive a manual transmission vehicle, then…
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2017 Ford Transit Connect: Where Stlye Meets Versatility

There are many vehicles out on the road today that come in many different sizes, styles, and shapes. The all new 2017 Ford Transit Connect combines many of the best features into one do-it-all machine. Whether you want to take the grand-kids on a fishing trip or haul a load of lumber for a DYI project, the Transit Connect has you covered.

Not only is the Transit Connect versatile but it is stylish too. You can't find another vehicle out there that combines all of the renown safety features that Ford has come to be know for with the…
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The 2017 Ford C-Max Hybrid Loves to Impress

Didn't think a car could be smart? Think again. The Ford C-Max comes with SmartGuage with EcoGuide that has customization LCD screens. These screens give you the low down on how your driving habits are affecting your vehicle's efficiency, so you can get the maximum performance that your Ford C-Max has to offer. With SYNC 3 with Hybrid Electric Content, navigation is a breeze with its voice-activated technology and easy-to-use touchscreen. Ford C-Max has plenty of cargo room-say 24.5 cu. ft. behind the second row and 52.6 cu. ft. with the second row seats folded down…
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